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The Department of Industrial Design

NorthwesternPolytechnicalUniversity (NPU) is one of the pioneers to carry out research and education of Industrial Design in China. Industrial Design Department (IDD) was originated from Industrial Design Research Office of NPU in 1980s, and now IDD is a professional department in School of Mechanical Engineering, NPU. IDD owns Institute of Industrial Design (IID) and Chiang Foundation Industrial Design Training Centre (CFIDTC).

IDD currently has two undergraduate majors (Industrial Design and Product Design), two master's programs (Design Science and Industrial Design) and an Industrial Design doctoral program. There are 29 full-time teachers with strong strength of research and teaching in IDD, including 3 professors and 12 associate professors. Among the staff, there are 2 members of The Ministry of Education Teaching Guidance Committee and 2 Provincial Distinguished Teachers. Every year, there are around 60 undergraduate and 20 postgraduate students graduate from IDD, most of them become key employees in design companies, institutes and universities.

IDD made distinguished achievements in Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID), Ergonomic Design, Design Evaluation, Engineering Graphics and their relevant research fields. IDD provides high-quality services of Industrial Design for many industries in China, such as Manned Space Program, Aviation Equipment, Manned Deep Submersible Vehicle, Special Transportation Vehicle, Industrial Equipment, Cultural and Creative Product. IDD is also a key unit to respond the National Industrial Design Policy Planning. There are dozens of international universities and famous institutions have in-depth and wide-ranging cooperations in scientific research fields with IDD.

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