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Mechanical Engineering and Automation

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automation (MEA) was founded in 1957. The MEA department offers four-year undergraduate degree in mechanical design manufacturing and automation. The mechanical design manufacturing and automation program has passed China Engineering Education Accreditation in 2012. The international recognition of academic credentials and degrees of mechanical design manufacturing program is admitted by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) according to Washington Accord. The MEA department offers three-year master degree and three to five-year doctoral degree also, focusing on cultivating professional and technical personnel in machine design, modern manufacturing, mechanical and electrical control, and vehicle engineering.

Currently, the MEA department has forty-five faculty and staff members, including fifteen professors, twenty-four associate professors, five lectures and one advanced mechanic. The MEA department has one national teaching base of mechanical foundation courses, and three national elaborate courses of Theory of Mechanical, Mechanical Design, Engineering Material and Manufacturing Technology. The MEA department has one national prestigious teacher and two Shaanxi Province prestigious teachers.

The MEA department has received abundant funding from industry sectors and government for scientific research activities. The MEA department has set up connection and collaboration with many world famous universities on joint undergraduate student and postgraduate student, scientific research projects. A lot of high-level academic research and engineering application achievements have been achieved on Computer aided process planning (CAPP), digital manufacturing, 3D printing, complex mechanical equipment design and simulation, robotics, etc.

With the distinguished faculty, student, staff, full equipped laboratories, teaching and scientific research resources, the MEA department has high academic reputation and social recognition in China. A large number of excellent students have graduated from the MEA department.

Design & Research Achievements of Industrial Design Department

Teaching and Researching Team of Industrial Design Department

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